Rise of Social Networking on Mobile Devices

The figures published by ComScore reveal that online social networking through mobile devices is growing an ever-increasing speed. More than 70 million Americans use their smartphons to access the social networking sites and blogs.

The current figures show nearly a 37% jump from last year. The bottom line is that, more and more Internet users prefer accessing social networking and game apps review sites through their cell phones.

As per Mark Donovan, SVP at ComScore, this trend is more prevalent among the smartphone users who access social networking sites on their mobile devices, at least once a month. With a rapid rise in the mobile social activities, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are experiencing a considerable invasion in the mobile activity.

The monthly mobile audience of Facebook skyrocketed 50% over the year, Twitter’s mobile users jumped 75%, while LinkedIn also experienced a 69% growth over the last year.
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Most Popular Smartphones

The Most Expensive Mobile Phone In The World

The most expensive mobile phone in the world is the Goldvish. Currently the most popular smart phone on the market is the Android. When mobile phones were first launched in the market, just having them was a matter of pride. The current most popular cell phone is the Apple iPhone 3G. The phone is arguably one of the most rugged smartphones in the market. You will find LG Smartphones price differing from mobile to mobile depending on the features. Read the rest of this entry »

What Is The New Hue LED Replacement Light Bulbs?

Philips has released lime green LED under its “Hue” color tunable LED replacement light bulbs. These are Philips latest addition in the company’s range of color LED lights. The brand is named “Lime”. Lumileds, the organization which is part of Philips and is credited with the invention of this latest hue of LED by Philips claims that this hue would help the lighting designers in taking the next step and deliver tunable white lights for various bulbs and fixtures. The hue that is “Rebel ES Lime” has used LED technology for making hue bulb which combined both Rebel Red Orange and Rebel Royal Blue hues so that 16 million color options are delivered.
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What Are The Plug-and-Play LED Replacement Tubes?

Commercial sector requires a lot of electric energy in order to illuminate the offices, warehouses, factories, etc; and about 21 percent of this energy is used in the form of fluorescent tubes. However, as we know that the light emitting diodes are much more energy efficient and they utilize 40 percent less energy than the fluorescent tubes. It is unfortunate that the LED tubes could not be easily placed into fluorescent fixtures, but innovation has found a way!
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LED Technology Gaining Popularity In Hotel Industry?

Hotel industry is one of the most dynamic industries of all, and the main focus is always on customer satisfaction and retention. The hotel and restaurant owners are always looking for ways in which they can improve the customer experience and better their brand image. The hotel lighting has been undergoing a huge transformation and the latest LED technology plays an important role here.
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LED Headlights Coming Of Age At The Detroit Auto Show 2014?

Every automotive expo has a theme to it and here the theme for 2014 Detroit Auto Show that was led open for the public on Saturday, January 26, has been defined by many at the automotive press as an event that represents high horsepower and high performance. Doug McKelway, the Fox News writer has said that the power is back in vogue.
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What Is The Analysis Of Curved LCD/ OLED TV?

With the advent of the flat panel display televisions in the beginning of 2000, the existence of CRT TVs has been eliminated completely. As a result of the competition between LCDs and PDPs, there are not many PDP producers which have stayed in the PDP business. Furthermore, Panasonic is a foremost PDP producer that has quire recently terminated the PDP TV business.
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Samsung To Enhance OLED Panel Production Capacity By 33% Next Year?

When it comes to using the OLED technology to create panels, you simply cannot rule out Samsung, one of the toughest competitors along with LG and others of its kind. There may be a quite large demand for the TFT LCD technology at present in the market, however Samsung stays firm in its belief that OLED technology has a wide range of advantages of its own, and this keeps them favoring the technology despite of the increasing demand for TFT LCD technology.
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Why Are The LED Lights Considered As The Trojan Horse?

According to the recent stats offered by Navigant Research, one of the most convincing data points come from the annual sales figures of LED light applications. It is expected that the photo sensors, occupancy sensors, and the lighting network gear which are related to LED lighting applications will rise from $1.1 billion this year to $2.7 billion by 2020.
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Sony And Panasonic’s OLED Partnership Gets Dissolved?

According to the recent news it has been made clear that Sony and Panasonic are going to end a partnership that was started in 2013 to find out improved methods to produce OLED panels. Despite their commitment and hard work, both the manufacturing companies found it difficult to overcome the various challenges which included several technical barriers.
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LED Lights Known To Have Healthy Affect On Vegetables And Herbs?

The light emitting diodes are becoming much popular with time, and we can see how the LEDs have been transforming the streets and adorning the Christmas trees across the country, promising to save energy. The researchers at the University of Tennessee have recently come up with an advanced technology which has a positive effect on the vegetables and herbs.
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