Apple Plans To Use ‘Waze’ To Improve iOS Maps

In 2012, we had heard a lot about Apple’s take on the release of its iOS 6 maps, a new service that was expected to replace the Google Maps services, at least on the Apple platform.
No wonder Google maps is widely used by the owners of Apple phone and this change was also highly anticipated the by the Apple fans. However there was a lot of speculation before the actual release, and soon Apple learned that the news was not unfolded in a smooth way.

Although some people welcomed the new plans by Apple, there were some who were not comfortable with the idea of using a replacement for the good old Google services, and this reduced some of the luster associated with iOS 6.

Taking this into account, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple vowed that he would mend what was damaged, and since then we had been hearing about the various strategies that Apple might take up in order to achieve the goal.

Plans to acquire Waze?

Recently there were rumors that Apple is now interested in acquiring Waze, the mobile app. To give our readers a brief background about Waze – this is a social platform that was touted by Apple in last fall as the most suitable substitute to iOS Maps, specifically for those who are not satisfied with the service.

As we are already aware about Apple’s plans to replace the Google Maps with iOS 6 maps, we can’t help but believe these rumors that are making the rounds. The company is hoping to acquire Waze to keep its users happy, and if you are wondering why Waze? Then the reason is simple. It is already the data partner for the Maps app by Apple, and this was the only social app that gained a good market share after the Apple Maps didn’t fare well.

Although both Apple and Maze are currently tightlipped on the matter; a little birdie tells us that a deal is being finalized.

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