IKEA Plans to Offer Only LED Lighting by 2016

IKEA has made a significant move by declaring that it will slowing waning off the halogen lights, fluorescent lights, or low-energy bulbs in its stores and plans to go all LED by 2016. Supporting their decision to go all LED, the IKEA staff said that the company is putting all their design and development efforts into LED lighting technology because they believe that average consumers should be able to use this sustainable lighting in order to illuminate their lives.
According to IKEA LED light bulbs don’t become warm after hours of use although this feature should be design specific, taking into account the massive heat sinks developed by the major LED bulb producers such as Philips, 3M, and Insignia.

More LED based fixtures in IKEA stores?

Starting from February this year, customers will be able to find a plethora of LED based fixtures including tables, floor, portable illuminators, and desk lamps glowing in the IKEA stores. Some of the original applications that are only possible using the modern LED technology are the ONSJO LED chandelier that enkindles the movement and light of fireflies with the LEDs shimmering inside the loops of plastic tubes.

Innovative lighting and design

The PS21012 pendant lamp comes with diodes integrated into the lampshade for significantly less harsh and consistently reflected light, and it is known as the SPOKA night light. It comes in two different shapes featuring color changing LED lights. The DIODER LED lamp strips which are battery-operated can be kept in the wardrobes, shelves, and drawers. This light source comes with a senor that turns on the light automatically as you open the drawer and turns off when it is closed.

What’s there in future?

Kirsten Andersson, the LED Project Leader at IKEA Sweden is hopeful that consumers will be able to see more innovative lighting solutions being incorporated into furniture and there will be more control with remotes. Furthermore keeping in mind that people are more mobile today than they used to be, IKEA will also offer LED lamps that can be charged and used anytime, anywhere.

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