Improved Technology To Make OLED Screens Shinier and Cheaper

The organic light diodes are known to contain unfathomable possibilities; however the high production costs deter their extensive use. There’s a new kind of technology that promises to save costs but also make the OLED screen much shinier. The German researchers have developed a breakthrough method that can help them improve the radiance of OLED panels and make them cheaper too.

The team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution is bent on unleashing the unlimited possibilities of the technology and with their sheer effort they have managed to create the mini OLED screens without the need for color filters, and their function is substituted by a new coating technology.

Bypassing the filter to increase luminosity?

The cathode ray tube of the past has long passed away, and as per the German Federal Statistics Office, nearly every home in Germany had a flat screen television by 2011. The present day technology makes use of the color filters that suppress the self-radiance of OLED displays, hence as a result only 20 percent of the light emitted can be utilized.

The researchers sprayed a little red, green and sub pixels on the OLED unit directly and this enabled them to get rid of the filter completely. These sub pixels are tiny and they usually measure about 8 sq micro meters. The traditional technology that is used currently allows only the processing of units which are more than 50 square micro meters.

To resolve this issue, the researchers group made use of a special innovative technology that is developed by their partner Von Ardenne, which is the leading manufacturer of advanced coating equipments in the world.

Reduced cost of OLED panels?

The research team leader Rigo Herold said that they had redesigned the complete manufacturing process in order to use the technology for OLED micro displays. Thus, it is possible now to directly have the red, green and blue color pixels.

The high costs of the color filters where the main reasons that led to the increased cost of OLED production, however the introduction of this new technology now aims to make the entire process much more affordable while enhancing the luminosity of the OLED panels.

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