Koncept Tono: First Ever Color Changing Floor Lamp In America

LightKulture is a leader when it comes to modern-day LED lighting, and it has recently offered a new product called Koncept Tono, which is the first ever LED floor lamp to be introduced to the US market. This latest lighting product has been developed by the Koncept Lighting Technologies. The President of LightKulture, Susan Inderbinen said that Tono will be known as the brand for this new breed of LED floor lamp which is extremely thin with a wide rotating floor that allows you to make light adjustments while letting you to set the color temperature of LED lamps from warm light to cool light.

Tono paints your room in any color?

If you wish to paint your room in different colors in different times of the day, the new LED floor lamp can make this possible as the innovative technology comes with a color changing mode which allows the users to set the mode on a particular color and have the room painted in beautiful hues.

So, if you wish to add some colorful drama to your room you may consider creating a full rainbow color to enhance the beauty of your room.

Tono LED lamp – a fun product?

Once a best kept secret at LightKulture, the line of products by Koncept have now gained worldwide recognition and that’s precisely wht they are being sold like hot cakes.

Susan also said that the company is happy to partner with Koncept Lighting Technologies and be the first ever retail partner to exhibit the new Tono LED floor lamp that’s a fun product with great finish and ease of movement that will impress the users.

Aiming to deliver stylish LED lamps and lighting:

Since its establishment in 2002, the Koncept Lighting Technologies has been committed to the mission to create a complete line of stylish lamps and lighting elements for home and office use.

Started with the objective to designing innovative products to set the high standards in the industry, the company is dedicated to its commitment of providing simpler, safer and eco-friendly products.

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