LED Bulb Mimics the Design of Traditional Incandescent Bulbs

The conventional LED bulbs have been greatly criticized in the past for their odd appearance, and it has been often considered as the reason why average consumers are not comfortable using them. Taking that into consideration, Cree has announced LED bulbs that are designed to look like traditional incandescent bulbs, except the fact that these lighting fixtures are brighter and more energy efficient.
First consumer bulb by Cree to hit stores?

This is the first ever consumer bulb by Cree to hit the stores. The company is known to chiefly supply the LED semiconductors to lamp manufacturers. However they have now introduced three new products – a 40W equivalent and two 60W equivalents having different color lights.

Notable features of Cree’s LED bulbs:

These LED bulbs feature the same glass dome shape like the incandescent lights, however there’s no metal heat sink like in the earlier LED bulbs. The initially developed LED products had heavy metal fins to eliminate the heat generated from the LED light sources to help ensure a longer life. The LED bulb by Cree uses a glass similar to incandescent, but it comes with rubber coating to prevent the bulb from shattering.

Just like the incandescent bulb has tungsten filament located in the center, which illuminates to give warmth and brightness; Cree has also come up with a similar filament tower design that positions a sequence of LEDs shaped like a pin-hole in the similar location as the traditional filament.

Cree’s new design to spur acceptability for LEDs?

The Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Mike Watson said in an interview that the familiar design of Cree’s LED bulb is to encourage more consumers to try the new technology as a substitute for the incandescent bulbs.

He further said that the consumers are used to the good old incandescent bulbs, their design and appearance, however they are not-so-durable and highly inefficient. Cree hopes that the introduction of high-power LEDs with smaller heat sink that are designed like a collar at the bulb base will get more acceptation in the market.

Most LED lighting firms are planning to improve the LED design of their bulbs with the hope to attract more consumers and pave way for a better, brighter and more energy efficient future.

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