LED Lighting Gears to Capture Market and Outdo Tradition Lighting Technologies

For several years now, we have been talking about the various advantages of LED lighting over the traditional lighting technology and potential of LED to soon expand its market share and outperform the traditional lighting technologies such as halogen globes, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights, and the other high intensity lights such as mercury, sodium, and metal halide lights. Time has come for that vision to turn into reality and the constant evolution of LED lighting technology has come of age and greatly improved with time to provide energy efficient and cost effective lighting solutions.
Extraordinary growth in LED technology?

The LED lighting technology has greatly evolved in the past few years, and this phenomenal growth cannot be compared by any other traditional lighting system. With continued research and development on this niche, we can expect more advancements and better innovations that will help average consumers as well as commercial users make the best use of this technology.  

What drives the LED lighting evolution?

The evolution of LED lighting technology is brought about by the need for energy efficient lights that can contribute to reducing the greenhouse emissions. Although the CFL globes are still in use, when the government decided to phase out the incandescent globes and replace them with CFLs, many home makers found this an inadequate substitute for domestic use.

How is LED better than incandescent and CFL lighting?

The growing popularity of LED lighting is mainly due to the various advantages it has over and above the incandescent and CFL lighting solutions. The biggest advantage is in terms of power consumption, because a 10 Watt LED bulb can provide the same amount of light as a 50Watt halogen bulb. Furthermore, the LEDS have a longer life span and they last for min. 35,000 hours as compared to only some thousand hours of traditional lighting solutions.

LED lighting products virtually require no maintenance and they switch on instantly without requiring any warm-up time. Other amazing features that have made the world take notice of LEDs include even distribution of light, better quality, and a wide range of color temperatures.

A research carried out by Beyond Zero Emissions revealed that if the entire world’s lighting is shifted to LED, there will be about 80 percent reduction in lighting energy and 20 million tones of carbon dioxide emissions!

Now that gives us enough reasons to know that LED lighting’s popularity is increasing for all good reasons and very soon this innovative technology will overtake the traditional lighting systems and become the most sought after choice for domestic and commercial lighting needs.

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