LG’s Investment Not Meant To Produce OLED Screens For Apple

LG Display’s decision to invest about 656.7 million dollars in the production of OLED display has created a lot of buzz in the market leading to speculations that Apple is perhaps trying to adopt the technology for its products behind the scenes, however the sources informed us that LG plans to use the investment to outdo all its rivals and capture a huge market share in the OLED television market.

Why is LG’s initiative linked with Apple?

LG supplies displays to Apple, and the latter has recently recruited Jueng-jil Lee, ex-employee of LG most probably to help in its plans for the development of OLED technology. Thus when LG announced a huge investment most people believed that it was pointing to the development of OLED displays for its big client Apple and rumors regarding Apple’s OLED TV went viral.

Currently Apple’s iPad and Mac displays are based on the LCD technology and Tim Cook, the CEO of the company seems to be in no mood for a change. He openly slammed the idea of using OLED technology for Apple’s products because of the issues regarding the color quality and he went on to further say that customers should be wary about this before investing in an OLED TV.

LG Display plans to improve mass production?

Dismissing all news regarding probable development of displays for Apple, LG has made it clear that it plans to improve its production quantity for the large OLED displays, and the investment will be to initiate mass production. According to Wall Street Journal, this decision of LG Display can help it produce nearly 26,000 panels a month and quickly reach the number one position in the OLED TV market.

Currently the OLED TVs with ultra thin displays and less power consumption quality are priced at a significantly higher price than the current LCD TVs. As LG and its rival Samsung get into producing mass displays, we can hope the price to come down so that more number of average consumers can afford the televisions.

Where does that leave Apple?

Although Apple currently seems content with its retina display and is not afraid to charge more for its products, the company has recently lowered the price for its laptops. However entering the TV market which is already competitive doesn’t look like a move that Apple might want to make currently, nor would it want to adapt an expensive technology for its iPads. Apple is definitely eyeing the OLED technology but for now it seems like the company will stick to LCD for its iPads and Macs.

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