Samsung OLED TV Lets You Watch Two Programs Together?

Since the release of OLED TVs by Samsung and LG, the competition between the two consumer electronic giants has been heating up. Recently Samsung added more fuel by announcing the OLED curved televisions at a much lower price than expected. What’s really important is that the consumers may actually be getting two sets of televisions for the price of a single one.

Only last month, LG started selling the 55-inch curved OLED television in the United States, and the display is remarkable for its light weight and slim design. The set is expected to weight only 37.5 pounds, which is just a portion of what the other television sets may weigh. However, it should be noted that the television offers a slightly curved display.

OLED displays are much advanced than others?

The TV manufacturers have spoken highly of the various advantages of OLED that stand for the organic light emitting diodes, and they are known for producing distinctive blacks and whites. They are known to reproduce brilliant colors and there’s little motion blur that further makes television watching more enjoyable. These television sets are much brighter and thinner than the rival LED and plasma technologies.

Besides the distinct design and innovative features, the Samsung model also offers an awesome integrated app that proves to be a great feature for the living room, and this is the MultiView feature that enables two different people to watch two separate programs in one television by wearing the 3D glasses.

Samsung OLED is the marriage saver?

David Das, the VP of Home Entertainment for Samsung Electronics America call this television a marriage saver because both the husband and wife can now watch their favorite shows on the same OLED TV. To enable the audio, each viewer needs to wear the personal ear bud headphone that is integrated into the special 3D glasses that come along with the television set.

Despite this innovative functionality, the sale of OLED televisions could be slow this year and according to DisplaySearch, just about 20,000 OLED models have been shipped worldwide this year, and most probably this number will grow and might reach two million by 2015.

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