Universal Display to Develop OLED Lighting for Aircraft Interiors?

Universal Display has already played an important role in developing cutting edge displays for the smartphones and big-screen televisions, and now the company has its eyes fixed on developing innovative lighting for the aircraft interiors across the world.

According to sources, Universal Display Corporation has partnered with Washington-based IDD Aerospace/Zodiac Lighting Solutions to design as well as demonstrate the energy-efficient and fuel-saving white OLED lighting models to be used inside the aircraft.

White OLED panels will save energy in aircraft interiors?

Recently Universal Display announced that the company has been awarded with a 225,000 dollars grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The company plans to associate with and sub-contract the Zodiac Lighting Solutions to estimate and exhibit the potential for cost-effective and energy-efficient white OLED panels for aircraft interiors.

UDC founds a perfect partner in IDD Aerospace and market analysts believe that this would help the company instate itself as the leader in development as well as supply of the lighting solutions designed for aircrafts. These sophisticated and advanced OLED lighting solutions will incorporate human factors starting from the comfort of the compartments to the intricacy of the flight deck instrumentation.

What are the benefits of using OLEDs?

The release of the partnership report further confirms the fact that the solid-state organic light emitting diodes panels feature a large number of benefits over their incandescent and fluorescent products, and the advantage include fuel consumption, carbon emissions, energy savings, and minimum space requirements.

UDC and the licensed customers have long contributed at improving the utility as well as the efficiency of the OLED lighting solutions since they were introduced. The lighting-focused customers include the electronics giant such as Philips and its various subsidiaries, and LG Chem which plans to mass-produce flexible OLED lighting panels starting in September.

UDC to improve OLED lighting aircraft projects?

Beth de Young, the General Manager of IDD Aerospace was quoted saying in an interview that the company aims at contributing to the disorderly shift in the acceptance of OLED lighting by offering a convincing early-entry product. The data so produced by developing the shelf utility light may later be applied to OLED lighting aircraft projects that will involve various cabin applications such as interior structure enhancements, interior furniture, and adoptions such as sidewall and ceiling lighting, sign backlighting and so on.

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