What Are The Plug-and-Play LED Replacement Tubes?

Commercial sector requires a lot of electric energy in order to illuminate the offices, warehouses, factories, etc; and about 21 percent of this energy is used in the form of fluorescent tubes. However, as we know that the light emitting diodes are much more energy efficient and they utilize 40 percent less energy than the fluorescent tubes. It is unfortunate that the LED tubes could not be easily placed into fluorescent fixtures, but innovation has found a way!

To understand this mechanism, you should first of all be aware of a little background about the fluorescent lights, and they need high amounts of start-up voltage to overcome the initial resistance. A typical fluorescent fixture constitutes of a inductor, ballast to produce the high starting voltage. The incandescent lights and LEDs on the other hand do not need ballast.

LED tubes are used as efficient fluorescent replacements?

The LED tubes can be used as efficient fluorescent replacements, and these demand for the exclusion of the ballast. It requires an electrician to work on it for about 15 minutes to make the fixture. So, when you are talking about LED tubes for commercial establishments, the time and cost may add up. There are some experts that predict that the labor might represent about 40 percent of the expense of substituting fluorescents with LEDs; and this is the biggest hurdle that comes in the way of making the shift to LEDs.

What are the benefits of using LED tubes?

Recently, LED tubes that balances for the ballast were introduced in the market, and the biggest advantage is that these tubes can easily replace the fluorescent tubes without requiring to remove the ballast. Thus, it saves a lot of time and the task can be easily performed by any maintenance worker.

Besides the increase in energy efficiency and power, the LED tubes are also two to three times as long as the fluorescent tubes, and this results in overall low maintenance costs, low inventories, and less amount of wastes.

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